A few of the skies in the TCI


The islands boast most days of the year as completey sunshine filled, and with an average annual rainfall of 40 inches, it does assure them of plenty of sun, plus also keep them relatively dry.  These islands are intricately connected with the marine world and therefore while tropical, the constant easterly breezes keep life comfortable.  November to May being the winter months, average in the high 70s, with June to October being the summer months and averaging in the low 90s. It is rare that rain lasts more than a few hours, so even cloudy periods tend to be short lived. It is also quite normal to have rain on one part of the island and complete sunshine at the other end.

Ocean water temperatures are between 78°F to 82°F in the winter months, perfect for swimming and snorkeling, ranging higher in the summer months from 82°F to 86°F. The Villa pool is always solar heated and can get as high as 92°F.


Casual, comfortable resort and leisurewear is acceptable everywhere. There are a few restaurants requiring more dressy attire, which would include a shirt with collar and pants for men. You will most likely live in your swimwear at the Villa and sportswear is enough to get around on island during the day. Mind that you could need a light sweater or wrap for cool evenings. You will not need a jacket or tie in any of the restaurants or clubs, although the casino prefers smart casual dress.

Most importantly remember that sunglasses and a hat are a must.  Even on a cloudy day, it is very easy to get a very bad sun burn, especially if you have sensitive skin. The Villa stocks a variety of different sunscreens for your use.

Please keep in mind that the Turks and Caicos Islands are quite religious. So if shopping in public after you have just come from the beach please note, that wearing swimwear only is not really appropriate. Thus covering up with shorts and a shirt or a beach wrap is indeed respectful of the culture.  Also nude sunbathing is not permitted on any of the public beaches, as public nudity is illegal. The beach immediately outside of Club Med has traditionally allowed topless bathing, as long as children are not in the vicinity. However, at the Villa you make the rules!