A few of the cell phone service providers in TCI

Telephones & Internet


Telecommunications in the Turks and Caicos include worldwide direct dialing, internet, telex and facsimile services. The country code is (1) and the area code is 649. It is the same as North American dialing. To make a long distance call from the Villa, we provide a free Skype connection in the Living Room and Master Bedroom. You may use your own Internet dialing program over the broadband connections provided. If you need to use the Villa land line, there is an access code that needs to be dialed for long distance calls. The Villa Manager will provide it upon request and bill you at the end of your stay or shortly thereafter.

You need to dial zero (0) to gain access to long distance services for countries other than Canada, the USA or the Caribbean. Local calls do not require the local area code, that is, just dial the 7 digit number. Numbers beginning with 941 through 946 are to land based lines. Numbers beginning with 231, 232, 241, 242, 331, 332, 441, 442 are to local cell phones. Operator services can be obtained by dialing 411. Emergency services are available at 911. There is no location tracking here in Provo.

The majority of off island cellular phones now work in the Turks and Caicos Islands. LIME (formerly Cable & Wireless) operates on the GSM 850 frequency. Please activate global roaming with your local provider BEFORE leaving your home service area. Then when you arrive, use your phone's settings menu to select the "operator" LIME. Some phones may also display Digicel as an option, and some of the newest smart phones will automatically select the provider with the strongest signal. Owners of iPhones using the AT&T network will be pleased to know that they work just fine here in TCI! Service is provided by IslandCom Ltd.

Cell phones are available for rent at various locations and can be pre-arranged with the Villa Manager.

Phone cards are required in phone booths.


The Villa is connected to the Internet via a high speed broadband connection, provided by the phone company.  Note however, that all Internet traffic leaves the island via an under-ocean cable. If their international connection fails, then all Internet access to the outside world is lost.  There are several CAT 5 RJ45 plugs throughout the Villa if you want to plug in your laptop.  However, we also provide free wireless B, G, N services, which is the preferred method of connecting, at up to 300 Mbps. There are three wireless open routers located throughout the Villa, providing access both inside and on the front veranda.  There is also a computer and printer located in both the Living Room and Master Bedroom, which may be freely used as needed.  Each has Skype and MS Office for your use.  The Villa also has a business office that can send and receive faxes (649-941-5832) and make copies on a low volume basis. See the Villa Manager for these services.