If fitness is your thing, we've got you covered!

Gym, Sauna & Pilates Studio

The Villa is equipped with a state of the art work-out room with ocean views on 3 sides. It has enough equipment for any work-out program. There is a tread mill, stepper, recumbant bike, free weights and bench and work-out stack.  There are also a number of work-out tapes for those who like some guidance. Plus, enjoy the Pilates equipment, DVD’s and books that are in the gym for your use. The Pilates combination Reformer & Cadillac equipment and Pilates Wall Pole system are for the more experienced Pilates person.  There are also high and low barrels for stretching.  The Villa Manager can organize on-property Pilates, yoga or personal training lessons with local professionals. 

There is a 50" plasma flat screen TV, Cable TV, DVD and VHS players with surround sound speakers, hot and cold instant water, a small refrigerator and a 1/2 bathroom and a supply of towels.  Use the AC or if you prefer, open all the sliding glass doors and bring the outside in while you workout to the sound of the ocean crashing against the bluff walls below.

A Finlandia sauna is located beside the gym.  The interior is teak and can hold 6 to 8 people comfortably.  Note that it takes about 20 minutes to come up to full temperature, at which time, water may be splashed on the heated stones to create super heated steam.  Please check with your doctor before using a sauna, and limit your exposure to the heat to 15 minutes.  CAUTION: Also, be aware, that when water is splashed on the hot stones, there is an instant rush of very hot steam created, so do not stand directly over the heating unit.  Children under 12 should never use a sauna, and children under 16 should always be accompanied by an adult.  Children's skin is much thinner than that of an adult and their capacity to absorb any excess heat is much less than that of an adult.

There is also an outdoor shower to rinse and cool off before going into the hot tub or pools.