A few of the car rental companies here in TCI

Ground Transportation


The Villa Manager of Stargazer will be there to meet and greet you at the airport and transport you to the Villa.  The arrivals area is directly outside from the Customs area.  If you are approached by anyone asking you where you are going, just say that you are waiting for the Stargazer Representative, and you will be directed accordingly.


A rental car is strongly recommended for persons staying at the Villa in order to explore the island and to enjoy the flexibility of getting around in your own time.  Public transportation near the Villa is restricted to taxis, which really require advance organization to be successful.  While the main roads are paved, there are still many dirt roads and an SUV is recommended.  There are several car rental companies on island.  At your request, we can arrange for your car rental.  Some of the rental companies will bring the car to the airport, however, some require you to go to their office to pick up the car.  Grace Bay Car Rentals is reliable, has clean cars and will deliver your car to the airport.   Don't forget to ask for Left or Right hand drive while booking.

Avis - 649-946-4705

Budget - 649-946-4079

Caicos Wheels - 649-946-8302

Grace Bay Car Rentals - 649-941-8500

Hertz - 649-941-5503

Island Rent A Car - 649-946-4993

Mystique Car Rental - 649-941-3910

Provo Rent A Car - 649-946-4475

Rent A Buggy - 649-946-4158

Scooter Bob's Rentals - 649-946-4684

TC National Car Rental - 649-946-4701

Tropical Auto Rental - 649-946-5300

Remember we drive on the left side of the road here.  Note that we do not have any traffic lights!  However, we do have lots of traffic circles, which require you to yield to the traffic on your RIGHT, or traffic approaching from the opposite direction that either have a signal light blinking or appear to be slowing to enter the traffic circle from the opposite direction.  The speed limit on the airport road is 20 mph (32 kph). The fine is $300, so stay at 20 until you pass through the town area and the first two traffic circles.  The speed then is posted at 40 mph (62 kph).


If you do not wish to rent a vehicle, the Villa Manager can also arrange (in advance) taxi or limo service for you while on island. General fares from Villa to destination are as follows:

Airport: $6 per person

Leeward Marina (boat trips): $10 per person

Long Bay (jet skis): $10 per person

Grace Bay: $8.50 per person

Turtle Cove: $4 per person

This is based on if there are more than 2 people in the taxi, otherwise you will charged a different fee.  Again these prices may change at anytime without notice.