Some of our favourite meals!

Dining Out

There is a vast selection of restaurants catering for all culinary tastes here on Provo and while still only a small remote island, there is no lack of amazing dining experiences from which to choose.  Provo's restaurants offer a variety of foods, ranging from French, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Mediterranean, English to American and Caribbean.  You will find at most of the restaurants, native dishes are served along with international cuisine. Two island seafood specialties worth trying are the conch (pronounced konk) dishes and lobster, although the later is seasonal (September through April.)  Always ask about the daily special and the catch of the day. 

The Where When and How Dining Out Guide  provides detailed coverage of most restaurants on island.  In addition, the Villa Manager will be able to give you first hand information and make any reservations you need.  She also knows which days which restaurants are closed.  In addition, she will coordinate your dining out with our chef and serving staff.

The 50's era Saltmills Diner & Cafe in the Saltmills Plaza is great for early breakfast and lunch. You can get breakfast all day long, and Sundays they have a very extensive brunch menu, all in air conditioned comfort.

The Green Bean Cafe, located in the Turtle Cove Marina, is great for a relaxing outdoor coffee or lunch.

Read the reviews of some of our favourite dinner restaurants:

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